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Featured Products

  • Fiesta Taco Tray

    Fiesta Taco Tray

    Taco night at my house is one of our favorite family dinners, but it is messy! Meat, cheese, salsa, lettuce,…everything being passed all over the table, tacos falling over, and condiments being spilled. The Fiesta Taco Tray makes taco night easier and more fun for the whole family. It has 6 spaces to hold taco shells straight up for easy filling and 5 compartments for condiments to easily be filled into the shells - all in one place! This tray is easily passed around the table or you can have one for each member of your family - you choose. The Fiesta Taco Tray is microwave and top rack dishwasher safe for easy heating and easy cleaning up. Make Taco Night a FIESTA not a Fiasco!

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  • Longhorn Shoe Horn - White

    Longhorn Shoe Horn - White

    The Longhorn Shoe Horn by Golden Ideas, Inc. takes the Pain and Frustration out of putting on shoes and makes Life a Little Easier. Remember when putting on a pair of shoes was easy and never gave it another thought? But now bending over and putting on your shoes is anything but easy and sometimes requires help from a family member or friend. Whether pregnant, elderly or suffer from back pain, so many people around the world need help daily putting on their shoes. The Longhorn Shoe Horn is here to save the day. Its 18” long design is made to reach the heal of the foot while sitting or standing, virtually Eliminating the need to bend over or get help when putting on a pair of shoes. The Longhorn Shoe Horn is made of sturdy lightweight plastic and features a round hole at the top that serves as a handle and a way to hang the shoe horn in a convenient spot. The Long Horn Shoe Horn is easy to take along anywhere and fits easily into gym bags and luggage.

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Golden Ideas, Inc is a family owned and operated Colorado business that has been around for over 25 years. We are second generation owners and very proud of our business.

Having a family business means a lot. We take so much pride in our products and all that surrounds it – the manufacturing, the packaging, shipping orders on-time, and easy to read invoices. Golden Ideas was started by one man with a vision and will continue to be our family business. We believe doing business this way keeps us close to our customers.