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About Us

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Golden Ideas, Inc is a family owned and operated Colorado business that has been around for over 25 years. We are second generation owners and very proud of our business.

Having a family business means a lot. We take so much pride in our products and all that surrounds it – the manufacturing, the packaging, shipping orders on-time, and easy to read invoices. Golden Ideas was started by one man with a vision and will continue to be our family business. We believe doing business this way keeps us close to our customers.

The Tidee Tubb is designed, patented, and manufactured to high standards because we have to clean our home too. We grew tired of cleaning up messes in the bathroom, replacing floors, and finding awful mildew stains in unforeseen places. It's hard enough to keep a house clean.

We hope you will try out our products and contact us with any comments you may have.