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1Are the taco trays dishwasher safe and microwave safe?Retail Customers
2Can I order a product but ship it to someone else as a gift?Retail Customers
3Do I have to order in certain quantities?Wholesale Buyers
4How do I get free shipping?Retail Customers
5How soon can I get my order?Retail Customers
6If a hangar or other product breaks, what is the warranty period and replacement policy?Retail Customers
7What are the payment terms?Wholesale Buyers
8What if the product is not what I expected?Retail Customers
9What is the best way to clean the hangers?Retail Customers
10What is the normal lead time for a shipment?Wholesale Buyers
11What kind of caulking does the Tidee Tubb® Splash Guard use?Retail Customers
12What type of payment can I use?Retail Customers